2nd Performance on Sunday, April 27

The Global Net Orchestra will perform a short piece as part of a concert by Carnegie Mellon students of Computer Music Systems and Information Processing. The concert begins at 2:30pm EST, and the orchestra will play about 3:30pm. The concert will not be streamed, but the public is invited to the concert in College of Fine Arts room 111 (The Studio for Creative Inquiry).

GlobalNetOrchestra Update - Feb 13

Our concert on March 1 is fast approaching! We're making great progress on software and I'm anxious to see/hear the GNO in operation. Testing so far has made it clear that you can't imagine all the things that can go wrong, so it is essential that everyone participate in at least one or two rehearsals before the concert. Follow the link below to read about our drummer...

Here's the rehearsal schedule: Sat, Feb 15, noon, EST; Sat, Feb 22, noon, EST; Tue, Feb 25, 7AM EST; Wed, Feb 26, noon, EST
CONCERT: Sat, noon, Mar 1, EST

Live streaming video for non-performers is here.

Preparing for the Performance

Welcome to GlobalNetOrchestra

Update: There was a bug in the OS X (Mac) version of GNOtest.app -- it did not behave well unless it was within the user's home directory tree. A new version was just posted to Sourceforge. We're doing some further tests, and would like to hear from you if it works or not.

Welcome to new members! I apologize for delays in approving your requests -- you'd be amazed that half of the requests we get are mysterious spam so I have to read all the requests to see if they are legit before approving them and delete the rest.

To find more about who and what we are, see Now Recruiting! (updated Sunday).

Now Recruiting! (updated Sunday)

The Global Net Orchestra will perform on March 1 around noon, EST. We are now looking for members, so please create an account and tell us something about yourself. We have 100 positions to fill.

The performance will consist of 100 performers spread around the world making music together on laptops. Each performer will play, either by just typing keys on a keyboard (each key is a note in the scale, and there's about an octave and a half from "A" to "L" and beyond), or by plugging in a MIDI keyboard. Each performer will construct a set of samples to be their personal instrument. Music will be conducted in various ways: We'll have scrolling graphical scores (like Guitar Hero or a piano roll), directed improvisation, and some drum-circle-like playing. We're accepting members!

GNOtest applications for Windows and OS X are available

Screen shot of GLO test application.

We are happy to announce the first phase of GNO software is complete. You can now download a 64-bit GNO application for either Windows or Apple OS X.

Go to the Sourceforge Download page and get GNO-7setup.zip for Windows or GNO-7.app.zip for Apple OS X. (Instead of "7", get the latest version you can find there.)

Happy New Year!

GNO implementation continues. I finished some test code that simulates clients sending state to the server and the server sending the combined states of clients back to all the clients. Even implemented in Serpent, the load is very low (a few percent), so Serpent will work as an implementation language for everything but sound synthesis.

Next step: a more complete implemenation of statistics gathering and clock sync now that server and client are exchanging messages.

News of the day

globalnetworkorchestra.org is online! I know this is obvious, but I wanted to make an "Article" with Drupal to see what happens.

I acquired globalnetworkorchestra.org, globalnetworkorchestra.com, globalnetworkorchestra.info, and globalnetworkorchestra.net.

About The Global Net Orchestra (GNO) and Index

The Global Network Orchestra is project of Roger Dannenberg and Tom Neuendorffer.

We are planning a concert in association with the Ammerman Center 14th Biennial Arts and Technology Symposium at Connecticut College on March 1, 2014.

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